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Over the years, more and more organizations are being established with the aim of rescuing animals and spreading the message of compassionate treatment to these creatures. This has been happening worldwide.

There are international animal rescue organizations that save rare and endangered species, such as orangutans, bears, marine creatures, and certain bird species. This requires worldwide funding and support, as well as support from the government. Many of these organizations lobby for changes in legislation in the countries where these creatures are located.

There are also animal sanctuaries that are special places that aim to take care of wild and domestic animals. Some animal sanctuaries also committed to take care of these animals on a permanent basis. However, there are some animal sanctuaries that also have separate wildlife rehabilitation teams. These teams take care of wild animals and eventually return them to their natural environment.

pet transportOn a smaller scale, community-wide animal rescue shelters are cropping up in small towns and cities. These rescue shelters usually rescue and care for domestic animals, commonly cats and dogs that have been abandoned in the streets. When sufficiently cared for, these animals are usually available for adoption. Animal rescue shelters often look for homes that are willing to take these animals in.

There are shelters where there are so many sick animals, causing too much difficulty in taking care of all of them. Unfortunately, some shelters have resorted to euthanasia due to lack of space or facilities. However, many no-kill animal advocacy groups fight against this practice and start to think of ways to care for these animals amidst lack of facilities. In Portland, Oregon, Multnomah County Animal Services have devised strategies to increase the save rate of animals. Their programs include looking for community partners who are willing to be private shelters and looking for private homes to foster animals.

Part of humane animal treatment and taking care of pets is proper education. For instance, pet owners should be educated on ways to spay or neuter their pets. This is also one way to reduce the spread of unwanted animals. People are also encouraged not to purchase pets and animals from commercial breeding operations and puppy mills. Puppy mills are breeders of dogs. They usually sell these bred dogs to pet stores, websites or classified ads. This wholesale operation is inhumane, but there is minimum government legislation to combat this.

animalMany animal advocacy groups are continuing to lobby for puppy mills to be closed down. Some programs also decided to establish help desks to educate pet owners on how to take care of their animals properly. They also encourage these owners to keep their animals at home rather than giving them up for adoption.

On the opposite side of the coin, there are also pet education programs that discourage people from animal hoarding. Taking care of animals at home can be addictive, but there is a limit and we have to be familiar about them, so we will know when enough is enough.

These pet shelters do so much for the community. They take care of animal placement, they do pet fostering, rehabilitation, pet transport, and create events and activities for fund-raising and awareness.

If you are part of an animal rescue organization or just an animal rescue advocate, how can you educate people and make them aware of humane animal treatment? Awareness often begins with a personal message, which you imbibe through a lifestyle choice. People can listen to your message, but there is greater impact when they see action.

Posting animal rescue articles and pictures on our social media accounts is also a big help. If you are part of an organization and you want to make a more significant impact in your community, it helps to think of campaigns to create traffic into your website. If you have the budget, you may employ the help of an internet marketing specialist. Most specialists work with all kinds of budgets. Events such as adopt-a-pet day are also a great idea. You may seek the support or partnership of civic organizations in your area, such as schools, community centers or even local businesses.

Whether big or small, we can contribute to rescuing animals, providing them with shelter and preventing inhumane treatment. Animals, just like us, are also living creatures and they deserve the same respect and dignity we receive.

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